400th Anniversary

2017 marks our 400th anniversary and we are actively trying to increase our Alumni, Old Hertfordians and Friends of the School so they can be involved in a truly momentous milestone in the history of Richard Hale as we celebrate with an unforgettable year.

2017 will start, in January, with a 400th Anniversary Service at St. Pauls’ Cathedral and end with our White Gloves and Founders Day Service in December.  Throughout the year there will be a full and varied programme of events including a special school production, anniversary dinner and speeches, sporting events, anniversary arts festival week and much more.

To make each of these events a success we need the support of as many ex-pupils, current parents and staff as possible and your support would be greatly appreciated in making this a truly wonderful year of celebrations of our unique school. To register your interest or be included in the mailing list please submit your details below or contact 2017@RichardHale.co.uk.

Thanks to the Department of Education and a £1.5 million grant – we now have a very realistic opportunity of building and equipping a state of the art sports hall by the end of 2017.  The new building will be an invaluable asset for the students and staff of Richard Hale School.  Sport will be its primary focus but it will be designed with multi-use in mind.  It is our desire to create a centre for excellence within our town, a resource of which we can all be proud.

For the next 18 months our fund raising efforts will be entirely focused on our quest to raise £500,000, to build and equip a sports hall fit for the 21st Century.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy of your support and secure a place in the history of Richard Hale School by “buying a brick” to build a new sports hall.  This is not just any old brick; this is a brick that says: I helped by investing in the future, by providing Richard Hale students with an environment in which they can achieve their full potential and enter adulthood with confidence.

£250 will secure your place in Hale History. 

Please click on the logo, to the left, to invest in the future and secure your family’s place in the history of Hertford's oldest school!

Alternatively, bricks can be purchased via standing order, please click on the left to download the forms. The completed forms should be returned to Sue Homan, Richard Hale School, Hale Road, Herts. SG13 8EN or emailed to 2017@RichardHale.co.uk.

To capitalize on our donations and reduce our costs we have teamed up with Virgin Money to take full advantage of the government Gift Aid scheme and increase all donations by 25%.  If you would like to make a one off or regular contribution to the school please make your donation by clicking on the Virgin link on the left.

Easy Fundraising is a site that can be used to raise money for the school every time you shop on-line.  There are thousands of retailers in the scheme, including Amazon, Ebay, Marks and Spencer, Tescos, Sainsburys, John Lewis etc., and each time you shop the retailer will donate a percentage to your chosen cause.  Click on the link on the left to register and select the Richard Hale School PTA as your chosen cause and then shop to your heart's content!

It’s not just about the money!

With our fundraising campaign, it is not just about the money.  We are actively seeking volunteers who are able to offer their precious time to help us with fundraising events leading up to 2017, and the celebrations during 2017.  Sponsorship is invaluable for any event and we will gladly promote your support in any way we can.  Please click on the link, on the left, to register your interest or email directly to 2017@RichardHale.co.uk.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your anticipated support and generosity.

Together we can achieve a great deal.


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