About the Award

Duke of Edinburgh is a very highly regarded national scheme of 3 Awards – Bronze, Silver and Gold. (At Richard Hale we don’t offer Silver) It is a voluntary, non competitive, extra curricular activity.

 Who is involved? About 200 pupils in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 are working for their Awards.

Why bother? D of E activities are fun to do You will develop and extend yourself Your Award is a very useful part of your CV

Are Awards difficult to achieve? They are all about persistence and reliability. If you follow your planned programme and stick to it you will gain your Award.

How do I start? You will be given opportunity to start your Bronze Award at the end of Year 9. We are usually oversubscribed and you are most likely to gain a place if you have a record in school of reliability and persistence. At the start of Year 12 you will have the opportunity to work for your Gold Award (whether or not you achieved Bronze).