Types of Awards

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Bronze Award

You will choose a programme of activities based on three Sections

  • Volunteering (helping other people)
  • Skills (following a hobby)
  • Physical (almost any sport)

There is a vast range to choose from in each Section. You follow your chosen activity by doing it for an hour a week for a number of months. Everybody also does a two day camping expedition. The whole programme takes about a year, or a little more, to finish. If you complete all four areas you are given a badge and a certificate.

Volunteering Skill Physical Expedition
3 months * 3 months * 3 months * Training + 2 day camping expedition

* one of these Sections must be for 6 months



Gold Award

The Sections are the same as for Bronze with the addition of a Residential Section. Each Section is of longer duration than at Bronze level. The expedition lasts for four days and is in ‘wild country’. It is a real challenge but one where nearly everyone succeeds. It’s an amazingly rewarding and satisfying experience.

On completion you are given a badge but the Certificate is presented at St James’ Palace, usually by the Duke of Edinburgh himself.

Volunteering Skill Physical Expedition Residential
12 or 18 months * 6, 12 or 18 months * 6,12 or 18 months * 4 days in wild country 5 days and 4 nights on a course

* one of these for 6, one for 12 and one for 18 months, but Volunteering must be for at least 12 months. This assumes you haven’t achieved your Silver Award.



How to get help with your Award

  • An initial interview when we plan your individual programme
  • Ask any questions on your group’s google classroom or see Miss Pretty in her office (next to S5 in 6th form building)
  • Use the D of E website www.dofe.org
  • Meetings at school for your year group