Absence from School


Parents should ring the school office on the first day of absence. When the pupil returns to school he or she should bring with him/her a note confirming the dates of absence and explaining the reason. For legal reasons this should be a separate note (i.e. not in the Planner) so that it can be filed. Alternatively, details of the absence may be e-mailed to our Attendance Administrator at attendance@richardhale.co.uk

Holidays in Term Time

We very much hope that pupils’ studies are not interrupted by holidays taken during term time. If such holidays must be taken we would expect parents to avoid critical times such as examinations. (Please refer to the published school calendar.) A parent wishing to take a boy out of school for a holiday should obtain from the school a Hertfordshire County Council application form. This form states that:

the school may decide whether or not to authorise leave of absence … parents should not expect such leave to be granted as a right.

Completed forms must be submitted to the Headmaster at least three weeks before any proposed leave of absence. Please note – it is the School Governors’ policy that parents who take their sons out of school for holidays cannot expect staff to give those pupils extra teaching or homework in order to catch up with the work they have missed. This also applies to any examinations missed.

Leave of Absence Request Form

Hertfordshire County Council – Letter at term time holidays