School Ethos and Aims

31The Richard Hale ethos, developed over 400 years and underpinned by traditional values, is one of high expectations in learning, behaviour, participation and mutual respect. We strive for excellence in everything we do, be it academic or vocational achievement, sporting or cultural performance, or the development of leadership and team skills. Our purpose is to educate all of our students to become independent-minded, caring and responsible members of society, equipped with the skills and knowledge to achieve economic well-being in a changing world.

We strive to fulfil this purpose by:
1. Promoting the highest standards of behaviour in a disciplined and structured environment within which students can learn, develop self-discipline and express their individuality whilst respecting the beliefs and values of others

2. Ensuring the personal well-being and safety of every student through a pastoral care system which recognises individual differences and needs, but which systematically provides both academic and personal support for individual students at every stage of their school lives

3. Providing a broad and creative curriculum, enriched by a wide range of related experiences, to encourage the development of the unique talents of each individual student to the highest level

4. Developing students’ self-esteem and confidence, leadership, teamwork and creative skills, by providing opportunities for them to represent their House and School and contribute to the wider community in a wide range of extra-curricular activities

5. Providing students with teachers who will inspire them with their energy, commitment and passion for learning, both inside and outside the classroom; and by ensuring those teachers have an environment within which they can exercise their skills and find opportunities for continued professional and personal development