Richard Hale School welcomes communications with parents and members of the community. We believe that by communicating we can work together to ensure that the students can achieve their potential. Problems can often arise and it is important that we work together to address these.

In school, teachers are very busy throughout the day and are often unavailable to take your phone call or respond to emails immediately. If there is an issue and you can communicate with the school in the following ways:

  • Email – this is the preferred method of communication for the school.
  • Phone call – please phone the main office on (01992) 583441. This message will then be passed onto the appropriate person through email and they will respond to you.
  • Visit the school – If you wish to see a member of staff please ensure you book an appointment first as it is only through appointments that staff will be able to see parents. You are welcome to come into the main office to request an appointment to see a member of staff.
  • Letter
  • Message in the student planner – This is an effective way to inform a member of staff of something, particular the form tutor.

During term time we will respond to all email or phone calls within 48 hours, this may not answer your query fully but will ensure you know it has been received and is being addressed.

The guide below should help identify who is the best person to contact in each instance.



  • General question/query about school or a general overview about your son’s progress in the first instance should be referred to his form tutor.
  • If the issue is about bullying (or similar) then the Head of Year should be contacted.
  • Any queries on House issues should be directed to your son’s Head of House.

Subject queries

  • A specific subject question or information on your son’s progress in a subject should be directed to his subject teacher.
  • A concern about something that happened in a specific lesson should be referred to the subject teacher.
  • If you feel you want to address a subject issue and you have not got the answer you require from the teacher, please contact the Head of Department in that subject.


  • If you have a concern about anything in the school; this should be referred to Admin through where it will be assessed by the Headteacher’s PA before it is responded to.

A list of all teachers, their positions, their form group and email addresses can be found on the about us tab/staff. Please find the correct member of staff and use their email to contact the school.

Please ensure that all email communication is appropriate. We want to work with parents to address problems and find that if communication is always appropriate we can address issues more quickly. Staff at Richard Hale always respond to emails in a professional manner. If we receive emails which we deem to be inappropriate in content or tone, these will be responded to by a senior member of staff who will address the issue with you.

To view a full copy of the Communications Policy, please click here.