Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Richard Hale School

A school of opportunity

At Richard Hale we want every student to achieve their potential. Our aims are simple;

  • Students to achieve their potential academically.
  • To provide a wide ranging experience in school which develop student interests and skills.
  • To help create young people of character who want to contribute to society.

These aims are built on the long standing traditions of the school, first established by Richard Hale himself in 1617 and have become part of the core purpose of this school in the last 400 years. As a school we are proud of our history and traditions but are always looking forward to the next stage in our school’s history.

We offer a traditional curriculum with our students studying academic qualifications. This traditional curriculum is intermixed with some vocational and skill based qualifications like engineering, we have a garage on site! We believe this curriculum provides the greatest opportunities for our students in preparing them for future study and employment.

At Richard Hale education is not just about qualifications. We have a wide ranging extra-curricular programme for students, which is an important part of our ethos. Our sports teams are very successful and we offer a full Saturday morning programme of competition across the year. Our music department play a number of concerts through the year. We have bands and a choir that have graced St Paul’s cathedral and Ghent Cathedral in the last two years alone. Drama productions, philosophy club, chess, Duke of Edinburgh, maths challenge, I could go on, but our dedication to extra-curricular is evident in every student is expected to be involved with and take part in the wider school life. An added dimension to this is the strong house system in which all students participate in order to be crowned Cock House Cup champions. The competition is fierce, but very sporting in its nature.

Richard Hale students are young people of character. Previous students have become Lords, MPs, writers, artists, doctors, scientists and many other types of professions. It shows we produce people who are able to follow and achieve their dreams. Regardless of the positions they have secured, they all have one thing in common, they are Richard Hale students whose values consist of respect and responsibility. We are proud of our students and what the school stands for. As our motto states we believe in, “Learning with Virtue,” building character in our students is vitally important to us.

If you want to find out more about the school or are interested in joining our community, then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.