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400 – Tales of Hale – DVD

As part of the School’s 400th Anniversary celebrations, 400 - Tales of Hale was held at Hertford Theatre from Thursday 2nd - Saturday 4th February, 2017. The production showcased many of the School’s previous shows with excerpts from Grease, Oliver, The Beggar’s Opera, Romeo and Juliet and many more, performed by a cast of 180 pupils, interspersed with true and anecdotal tales about Richard Hale School over the past 400 years read by former pupils. The DVD is made up of two disks (Act 1 & Act 2) and a programme is included. Purchases will be ready for collection from the school reception or shipped within 5 working days. You will receive an email updating you on the status of your order. To buy this please choose from the selections below

To buy this please choose from the selections below:

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