Pre-course Assignments 2020

Dear Students

I hope you are well and ready to start thinking about your next step in education more earnestly. It’s now time to start preparing for that step!

Please find below links to your pre-course assignments to help you prepare for your time in the Sixth Form. Each department has been asked to provide 10 tasks for you. You might find all of the tasks are there now, or you might find only a few. All ten tasks will be available by 10th July so you can plan your time accordingly. If you have any queries, please contact the Head of Department; email addresses can be found on the website under the About Us> Staff tab.

Keep all your notes and work from the tasks safely and well-organised; you may be asked to refer to them when we return to school.

We strongly recommend that you attempt all tasks for any subject that you are thinking of taking in the Sixth Form. In addition, you might want to try tasks from subjects you are unsure about, or simply interested in; they will certainly give you an idea of the work you will be required to do during the course.

I hope you find the tasks useful and that you enjoy completing them.

With very best wishes,

Mrs Jane Beacom

Deputy Headteacher