Results Day 2017 – A Level

Examination Highlights 2017

A2 Performance 

A*-A 21
A*-B 47
A*-C  77
A*-E 98
APS per subject 208
Av Grade C
Candidates 137
AL Entries 324
Vocational Entries 32
Av Grade Distinction


Top scholars who also achieved at least three A*/A grades 

Caelan Anderson          Biology/Maths/Further Maths/Physics

Joseph Church              Chemistry/Maths/Further Maths/Physics

Emre Demirel                Biology/Chemistry/Maths

Rory Harris                    Maths/Further Maths/Physics

Henry Orton                  Chemistry/Maths/Further Maths/Physics

Barty Pitt                       Chemistry/Maths/Further Maths/Physics

Elliot Stein                     Maths/Further Maths/Physics

Joshua Swindell             Chemistry/Maths/Further Maths

Daniel Thornton             Chemistry/Maths/Physics 

Vocational Stars- 3AL Distinctions                                                                                      

Vincent Akosah                 Applied Science

Thomas Austin                  Applied Science

Patrick Eveleigh                Sports studies

James Brookes-Park         Applied Science

Robert Burnside                Applied Science

Christopher Oxford           Sports studies

Stewart Ross                    Sports studies

Joe Wing                           Applied Science


A-Level Results Table 2017



We are pleased to report another excellent set Advanced Level and Vocational results this summer.  This cohort sat a mixture of legacy and reformed Advance levels. Subject staff who delivered the new specifications did so with minimal resources in terms of sample questions, assessment information and suitable texts. They worked extremely hard to ensure the students sitting these new A levels were not disadvantaged. Today’s results clearly reflect this. Our A*/A % was better than last year last year and which the media is reporting as a national trend. There was not a noticeable dip in grades between the legacy and reformed subjects.

Vocational students in Science and PE achieved a very creditable average grade of distinction. Most of these students also successfully took one or two additional AL subjects.

The majority of Departments had a 100% pass rate at A2/BTEC which is very impressive.

The year group has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school and the 400 year celebrations. Successful teams and individuals in a wide range of activities from the sports field to the Hertford Theatre and St Pauls. When the exam session finished in June over half of the cohort were transported to Snowdonia to complete their DofE Gold expedition.

The majority of these students will continue their academic development at university next year. Some will take up high level apprenticeships or take gap years and travel around the world.

These results reflect the hard work and dedication of students, staff and parents.

Joint Hertford and Ware Schools Press Release

If you are in Hertford Town Centre tonight, and into the early hours of Friday be prepared to see lots of ecstatic 18 year olds laughing uncontrollably and crying without obvious reason. Be patient with them, smile with them and tolerate minor excesses. Today is a very special day. The A Level results are out and for our local schools the results are good with many extraordinary achievements. Each exam certificate represent a passport to future ambitions as well as immediate choices. They are now officially adults.  Around 500 18 year olds from Chauncy, Freman, Presdales, Richard Hale, Sele and Simon Balle schools sat exams in a wide range of subjects in May and June. Most took
the academic A Level subjects whilst others studied vocational courses in subjects such as Applied Science, Business and IT. A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics sit alongside Art, Textiles and Photography studies for our 6th Formers. Some qualifications will lead to full time employment and apprenticeships being taken up straight away whilst many will be taking their results to universities around the country.

Today, the headteachers  of Chauncy, Freman, Presdales, Richard Hale Sele and Simon Balle schools are delighted with the results achieved by hardworking students and just as diligent teachers.

As an area we will be showing well above  national average results and it is likely that Hertford,
Ware and Buntingford schools will again be in the top 10% of schools for the progress made by our students. As parents and teachers we are fortunate to live in such a pleasant area with such brilliant

Students are moving on to a huge range of exciting opportunities and they have earned the status of being our future leaders in art and industry, medicine, law and the theatre. As well as students who are off to universities across the UK to take degrees in subjects as diverse as Linguistics
and Artificial  Intelligence, high level apprenticeships with the likes of GSK and KPMG have attracted many young people. All our local schools have several adventurous individuals off on “gap years”
travelling and volunteering around the world. Whatever they choose to do their teachers are proud of what they have done so far and we know that our futures are safe in the hands of this summer’s 500.