Sixth Form Application Calendar

Sixth Form Options Evening                                                                       8th November 2017

Application Form Deadline for RHS and external students                  24th November 2017

Options Interviews for RHS and external students                                Post-mocks Spring term 2018

GCSE Examinations begin                                                                        14th May 2018

Sixth Form Induction                                                                                   27th & 28th June 2018

GCSE Examination Results                                                                       23rd August 2018

Confirmation of Choices                                                                             23rd August 2018


External Applicants

During the Spring Term student consultations will take place with a member of the Sixth Form team or SLT. All external students will be notified of decisions regarding their application before the Easter break.


GCSE results for RHS students

  • they will be posted by 1.30pm on 23rd August 2018 if a stamped-addressed envelope is provided
  • they can only be collected if the textbook/library returns form has been completed and all fees for examinations not attended or coursework not submitted have been paid.