Alfred Russel Wallace Travel and Education Scholarship

2008 marked the 150th anniversary of the joint presentation by Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin of two scientific papers – On the Tendency of Species to form Varities; and on the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection – to the Linnean Society of London on 1st July 1858.

To celebrate this extraordinary achievement by Wallace, an Old Hertfordian, the Richard Hale Association launched the Alfred Russel Wallace Travel and Education Scholarship.

This Scholarship will be awarded annually to a junior member of the Association to assist them to undertake travel which is of an educational or charitable nature.

Applications for the Scholarship

The Scholarship is open to applications from all Old Hertfordians who are members of the Richard Hale Association. One Scholarship will be awarded each year.

If you are interested in apply for the scholarship, please download the “Memorandum of Establishment” document on this page to learn more about the scholarship and to find details of how and when to apply.

Fundraising for the Endowment

Raising £10,000 will enable the Association to permanently endow an annual prize in the region of £500.

The Association is still seeking donations to the endowment fund and would appreciate any contributions, however big or small. If you think you can help, please read the attached PDF file on donating to the fund.



For further information, please contact the Association Secretary.