The Richard Hale Association is an international association of former pupils and staff of Richard Hale (formerly Hertford Grammar) School, Hertford, Herts, England. It was formed in 1924 as The Old Hertfordians Association, and soon developed rugby, cricket and other sports sections for its members. These grew and after World War II the Old Hertfordians Rugby Club became one of the strongest in the Home Counties, with its ground and clubhouse at Hoe Lane, Ware.

As Old Boys increasingly found employment out of the Hertford area, the sports sections went ‘open’, as the Hertford Rugby Club, Ware (OH) Cricket Club etc. The Association retains ownership of the clubhouse and playing fields, which are managed for it by The Hale Club Ltd. Members of the Association are automatically members of the Hale Club, which offers facilities for social and professional functions, with well-equipped kitchens and bars, ample parking space, squash courts, and even a full-time sports injuries and physiotherapy clinic.

The Association’s aims are to maintain a bond between former members of the School and between them and the School. It does this in a variety of ways, from arranging formal and informal gatherings of Old Boys (and in many cases their families), at the clubhouse and in Hertford, in different parts of the UK and in different parts of the world, to producing an annual magazine for Association members, giving news of Old Boys and the School, and of events past and present, and to come.

Richard HaleThe Association has recently restored the School’s portrait of its 1617 founder, Richard Hale, which now hangs in Old Hall, and commissioned portraits of the four men who gave their names to the other Houses – Earl Cowper, Richard Benyon Croft, Frank Page and Alfred Russel Wallace. Old Boys and the School have collected and are collecting a considerable archive of memorabilia to fill the recently estabslihed Archive room at the School.