KS 4 Options – an overview

At Richard Hale, students choose their options in May of Year 8, starting their GCSE courses in Year 9. We have found that giving them three years in which to study for their GCSEs allows more time both for completion of courses but also for broadening out of the curriculum beyond GCSE.

Although choosing options in Year 8 can seem like a big decision for students, they will be guided by their Head of Year, the Assistant Head for KS3, their form tutors and subject teachers. All students will continue in Year 9 with the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, RE, PE and Games. In addition, all students must choose a Humanity (Geography or History, or both) and the large majority will be expected to continue to GCSE with the language they are studying in Year 8.

The process begins with an evening for parents in early May, followed by an assembly for boys the next day. The deadline for selecting options is the week before May half term. The KS4 Options booklet for parents on this website will be updated in April of each year. Please note that the options columns on p4 are reviewed every year and may change from one year to the next. Please do not base any decisions on the options columns in last year’s booklet.

KS4 Options Booklet

KS4 Options Evening presentation