Induction 2020


Dear students,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to our Sixth Form in September. The Sixth Form is a vibrant part of the school, offering many opportunities for academic and personal development. It is an area of the school that we are hugely proud of and this was recognised in our recent Ofsted inspection. The Lead Inspector was so impressed with the students he met and what he saw during his time with us, that he described the Sixth Form in his report as, “thriving.”

Whilst we are pleased with the developments in the Sixth Form over the last few years, we are keen to improve it still further and believe that your contribution will be vital in doing this. It is an environment where you will be supported and encouraged to grow and develop your intellectual curiosity, alongside personal interests, which will build the foundations for post-18 study and beyond.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we are unable to hold our induction days at school as we would normally. However, this is only part of the induction programme. On joining the Sixth Form we will continue to support you in adapting to post-16 study right the way through Year 12, whether you are staying on from Year 11 at Richard Hale or joining us from another school. As we have been unable to greet you in school this year, we have created a video to provide an overview of the Sixth Form.

This is available using this link

Please do take time to watch it and to hear what the students have to say about life at Richard Hale.

Over the last 2 years we have expanded the Sixth Form Team to give further support to the students. As well as the form tutors, the Sixth Form team consists of the following people:

Mrs J Beacom: Deputy Head (Head of Key Stage 5)
Mr T Eburn: Head of Year 12 (for 2020-21)
Dr S Coote: Head of Year 13 (for 2020-21)
Mrs H Chiswick: Sixth Form Welfare and Administrator Officer
Mrs M Dixon: Sixth Form Study Support Officer

These members of staff will be available to support you with your studies over the next two years, as well providing you with advice and guidance on a range of areas, including future pathways.

The video will give you an overview of what is on offer here at Hale. The lessons will challenge you, the support will ensure you can reach your potential and the extra-curricular provision will enable you to develop as a well-rounded and confident individual. We will give you the opportunity to take on leadership roles across the school and be a role model for the younger students, so that they aspire to meet the standards that you set. You will be ambassadors for the school.

As we have with students lower down the school, we also have high expectations for you as Sixth Form students. We expect you to be punctual to school and all lessons, to engage fully in your learning, both in the lesson and in private study (both in and outside of school) and to be a part of the school by getting involved with everything you can.

You will have made provisional choices for your post-16 academic studies and for many of you, these will be linked to your plans post-18. These choices are based on the GCSE results that you will receive in August. However, because this year there have been changes to how the grades will be awarded, when making decisions about entry into the Sixth Form and the courses you will be able to study, we will take into account other evidence as well as your final GCSE grades. We also understand that some of you may be considering a different combination of subjects to the one you originally chose. This often happens, and we will discuss with you these changes to your original plans. It is our aim to ensure you are taking the right subjects so that you enjoy your academic study which will ultimately provide you with the greatest opportunity for success in the future. To facilitate this, staff will be available to discuss your options on Results Day and during the first few weeks of term.

Over the summer it is worth taking time to start thinking about your post-18 choices, to make sure that the combination you are choosing at this time will help you achieve your long term goals. The website contains links to a wide range of advice and guidance about future options and we will explore these in depth with you during Year 12 in preparation for university, apprenticeship and employment applications in the future. Over the coming weeks, we advise you to look at university courses (if you are seriously considering Higher Education study) to see if your current subject choices are suited to the area you hoping to study. Some universities/courses will specify that a particular subject(s) is studied. The UCAS website is full of very useful advice and guidance on a range of areas that you may be considering If you are considering work or an apprenticeship, useful websites are and Above all, when you are making your subject choices, make sure you have a genuine interest and a desire to study them. You may also want to consider how you can develop your own academic work and may decide that an EPQ is an option. This is a highly valuable qualification that enables you to explore your own academic interests in any subject and is great preparation for work at undergraduate level. Further details about this are available on the website.

We hope that the video and the information on the website will give you a further insight into what life is like in the Sixth Form at Richard Hale, alongside the view you have gained from the Open Evening and your interview with a member of staff. You have already been working on the pre-course assignments found on the website. We have extended these further this year to ensure you are well prepared for post-16 study.

We hope that we will be able to allow you to come on site on 20th August, whether to collect your results if you are currently a member of the school, or to confirm your application to join us from September. We want to be able to celebrate your results with you. If we are still not able to have large numbers on site by that time, we will send out your results electronically, with information regarding confirmation of places and subjects. When we can confirm details about how the day will run, please be assured that we will. Finally, it just leaves me on behalf of the school to wish you every success with your GCSE results and we look forward to you joining the Sixth Form in September.

Mr S Robins
Assistant Headteacher

For further information about how to choose your A levels, please click the following link